Profile picHello!  Hello!!!  I’m Tonya Stuart!  Welcome to my blog!

In a world too often running on more lies than truths, this blog is intended to convey the most transparent parts of me and my story, in hopes to inspire everyone to do the same, as we all seek to grow closer and closer to our most authentic selves, using our divine talents to impact the world in a positive way.  It’s meant to motivate you to replace fear with faith in your livelihood, decision-making, and self care so as to cultivate the life most closely matched with the makeup of your unique self.  To be the truest you possible!

My story begins with a very traumatic childhood that built the foundation of my heart including fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of “the rug being pulled out from underneath my feet”, and fear of never, ever being enough.  I carried this with me into my 40’s.  Not just a little fear, but a mountain of fear that obstructed every one of my decisions and left me powerless and insanely confused.  Most of my decisions for my life were based on what I thought any given person expected of me.  I followed along with their demands in hopes of receiving acceptance and love.  I altered my behavior, my career, my hobbies, and my looks.  I forfeited my opinions, my dreams, my own self care, and even the home life I had intended for my children.  I expended countless hours fulfilling others’ dreams, all along, every day, year after year dying a little more inside.

At 32, I was gifted with a life threatening medical diagnosis.  It didn’t feel like a gift at the time.  Hard lessons never do, but it caused me to stop in my tracks and decide.  There’s that beautiful, powerful word, decide.  It’s so amazing to me how EVERY SINGLE reason for anyone’s life being the way it is comes down to a simple word, decide.  We all decide how we will live, and our decisions are NEVER limited by anything but our own minds.  That diagnosis allowed me a window of clarity.  I decided I no longer wanted to live a life as a puppet.  I no longer wanted to sit in a pool of grief and shame.  I no longer wanted to only be the things people told me I was, rather, I wanted to be the person I decided I could and should be!

One decision is all it takes, ever.  It set the ball rolling and while it wasn’t an easy journey, it has brought me to who I am today, FREE!  Free of the fears and insecurities.  Free of the anxiety, pain and sadness that result when anyone lives in a prison of fear.  Having broken through to the other side, if you will, I have created this blog to share my insight and use my story to stir up the energy and hope for all of you to decide.  Make the decision to go after your dreams, sever ties with anything that limits your thinking or actions toward becoming the best version of yourself, and commit to the journey of freedom!