Hi!  I’m Tonya Stuart!  Wife.  Sister.  Chain Breaker.  Overcomer.  Crusader of Living an Uncomfortable Life.  Pursuer of All Things Great.  Motivator.  Believer of Never Stopping Short.  Teacher of Walking Through Fear.  Restorer of Truth.  Book Lover.  Cheerleader to those Seeking Courage.  Warrior for Jesus.  Humble Servant to many.  Leader.  Foodie!

But, the title I like best is Mother.  Those close to me may be surprised as my outward appearance is that of an entrepreneur leading a team that has grown into thousands of people.  I’m a strong Type A personality with a prior addiction to work.  But, the truth is I have placed just as much effort into my boys, now 15 and 17.  They are what fill my cup every single minute of every day!  They are the truest purpose in my life.

Parenting is such a gift.  The greatest power, to shape another human being, comes with parenting.  There will never be another person that will have the ability to influence our children like we do as parents.  I take that incredibly serious.  And I am insanely blessed to have served my boys well.  As I share my story I hope to inspire all parents to honor their position well.  I hope to offer great tidbits of advice based on my terrible childhood that taught me what not to do, and being very intentional as an adult to find the best parenting patterns.

Lastly, I am a seeker of growth.  “What more do I need to learn?” is a favorite question of mine which is why I march a path of discomfort.  Growth always places you in uncomfortable situations.  But I believe it is necessary to live a limitless life, full of new experiences and opportunity.  It is my hope too, that you find the inspiration in your own life to walk through fear and discomfort, to do what you never thought you were capable of doing, and celebrate the experience!!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Tonya Stuart